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Canadian Print Scholarships Donor Focus on Canflexographics Ltd.

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Donor Focus: Canflexographics Ltd.2021-11-22

Donors like Canflexographics Ltd. help attract talent to the graphic communications industry. Thank you for your support. Canflexographics and our International Partners, continually strive to provide a full range of award winning, custom product lines to the Canadian Printing Industry. The support and training we receive from our partners is second to none. This clearly demonstrates a commitment to our industry, and the technical advancements necessary to ensure that our clients are competitive in an evolving economy and progressive marketplace. We are very proud to be celebrating 35 years of global partnerships serving the Canadian Printing Industry. Throughout our 35 years, ‘giving back’ to our industry has been paramount to who we are – for the future of our industry, beginning with secondary school and post secondary program opportunities. Canflexographics also works and volunteers with industry committees, boards and foundations like the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund and appreciates that our international partners share in this vision for our industry. It is our role to ensure that our clients are informed clients – making educated decisions. Our team strives to provide and demonstrate all appropriate print technology, options and resources. This shared commitment will allow our clients to make the best possible decisions for their organizations. Our team of experienced, respected and knowledgeable professionals bring the world of successful flexography and printing to our Canadian clients.



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