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2024 Gutenberg Gala

Another wonderful celebration of the printing industry!  

On Thursday, April 25, 2024 Montreal’s 42nd Annual Gala Gutenberg and awards ceremony brought our industry together, showcasing printers who continue to raise the bar and extend the limits!


This annual event highlights the talent, creativity and expertise of our artisans. Such a vibrant atmosphere, cocktail party, exhibition and awards ceremony for the prestigious Gutenberg trophies.

Canflexographics Ltd was pleased to have our partner and co-sponsor Mark Andy Inc.'s Steve Schulte, VP of Sales - join in the festivities with Canflexo’s Pascal Ross⭐who is also part of this year's Organizing committee to present, interact and connect with so many clients, friends and colleagues!


*More photos and video can be found at:

We truly appreciate the time and efforts the organizing committee puts into ensuring the Gutenberg Gala is the premier event of our industry each year!

 Yoan Robitaille, President 42nd Gutenberg

The Gutenberg 2024 Committee:

Our own Pascal Ross, Helene Pageau, Martin Lépine, Éric Lamontagne, Carmela Martinez, Charlotte Gaudreault, André Goyette, Chantal Vallée, Karl Belafi Jr, Mariane Beauchesne-Chrétien, Marie-Eve Huppé, Patrick Choquet, Stéphane Abraham, Suzie Gaudreault, Julie Éthier et Andrew Lacoste.

A full list of award samples, nominees and award recipients can be found at:

Interested in hearing more about the Gala and attending next year?

We will provide all information and details as they are finalized!

Steve Schulte-Mark Andy's VP of Sales, Martin Gagnon and Pascal Ross

Steve and Pascal pictured with the team from IMS

Steve and Pascal with some of the IMS Team members

Steve and Pascal pictured with the dynamic sister ownership team from Imprimerie Ste. Julie

Pictured from left to right, Pascal Ross, Thomas Linteau from MELT Solutions and Steve Schulte


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