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The World Leading Manufacturer of VOC Oxidation systems for environmental compliance in the flexographic and rotogravure industries. MEGTEC provides a broad selection of high performance environmental systems for a wide variety of industries and applications.

In our increasingly competitive world, business profit may hinge on the efficiency of environmental technology. Customers can rely on MEGTEC for VOC control systems with features that allow them to provide the quality products their customers demand while delivering smooth, efficient and reliable operation.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidation


Introducing the new CleanSwitch Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, which employs a rotary air valve instead of poppit valves. The CleanSwitch modular oxidizer from MEGTEC is the first RTO to guarantee 99+% VOC removal without a flush system. In addition, with thermal efficiencies up to 97%, CleanSwitch provides exceptional operating economy. In fact, under normal conditions, CleanSwitch will run in a self- sustaining mode. That means no additional fuel is required to destroy VOCs and achieve clean air compliance.

MEGTEC offers regenerative thermal oxidizer packages designed to meet your specific application need. Operating costs and footprint are both minimized while high destruction rates ensure that you meet your compliance targets.

Catalytic Emission Control

Catalytic materials enhance the chemical reactions that convert VOCs into carbon dioxide and water. A catalyst does not take part in the reaction, but lowers the temperature required to destroy pollutants. The result is lower operation costs and reduced equipment stress.

MECTEC offers flexible designs and field-tested, proprietary catalyst formulations. Our experience in a wide variety of industries and firsthand process knowledge enable us to build catalytic oxidizers that offer reliability, effectiveness and low operating costs.

Megtec Products


Regnerative Thermal Oxidizers

ürr has a comprehensive range of systems that use thermal processes for Air pollution control and is specially designed to meet customers' requirements. The thermal processes are based on the separation principle and use combustion to remove pollutants from exhaust air. In all cases in which pollutants cannot be collected for potential re-use respectively recovered, these VOCs have to be destroyed. This involves converting the pollutants in exhaust air into non-hazardous substances at specific temperatures, which allows the air to be purified.


Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer for VOC Control

Dürr offers a wide range of different catalytic air pollution control systems, which are designed to produce outstanding results with different types of pollutants and operating parameters.


Cleanswitch Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Oxi.X Air Pollution Control Systems are based on a highly efficient thermal process, which is used to purify exhaust air containing solvents and unpleasant odors. They can achieve a purification level of over 99.8%. The key features of Oxi.X – Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are their high thermal efficiency, low-maintenance design, and low operating expenditure.

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