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Megtec Products


Regnerative Thermal Oxidizers

ürr has a comprehensive range of systems that use thermal processes for Air pollution control and is specially designed to meet customers' requirements. The thermal processes are based on the separation principle and use combustion to remove pollutants from exhaust air. In all cases in which pollutants cannot be collected for potential re-use respectively recovered, these VOCs have to be destroyed. This involves converting the pollutants in exhaust air into non-hazardous substances at specific temperatures, which allows the air to be purified.


Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer for VOC Control

Dürr offers a wide range of different catalytic air pollution control systems, which are designed to produce outstanding results with different types of pollutants and operating parameters.


Cleanswitch Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Oxi.X Air Pollution Control Systems are based on a highly efficient thermal process, which is used to purify exhaust air containing solvents and unpleasant odors. They can achieve a purification level of over 99.8%. The key features of Oxi.X – Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are their high thermal efficiency, low-maintenance design, and low operating expenditure.

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