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The BENEFITS of Polymer Blades...

TruPoint Orange® doctor blade with MicroTip®

Our partner Flexo Concepts® has a vision to be the world’s most innovative doctor blade company. And they are doing it by pursuing their mission of: creating products, services and a brand experience that inspire!

Harsh chemical compositions of the viscous and abrasive coating formulas, along with the coarse anilox surfaces required to deliver them, quickly wear out steel doctor blades.

In these applications, a blade constructed from a durable material that can stand up to the rigorous coating properties is necessary. By engineering a modified lamella tip, known as a “MicroTip”, on an advanced polymer material, Flexo Concepts has created an innovative plastic blade solution – TruPoint Orange – that has proven valuable in the application of priming and coating. The blade is compatible with all coating formulas, safe for anilox rolls and press operators, and does what plastic blades are known to do best: last longer.

HOW WE ACHIEVE "The Perfect Fit":
TruPoint Orange blades can be engineered to a full range of size and profile combinations to optimize metering performance with higher viscosity and large particulate formulas. They range in thickness from .027”/.7mm to .050”/1.25mm to offer varying degrees of stiffness, rigidity and deflection. These properties combined with the innovative MicroTip edge allow the blades to achieve a fine contact area with the anilox roll and deliver a fluid transfer of coating to the plate with no spitting or slinging – even at high press speeds. With a range of MicroTip options (M10, M15 and M25), the blades can be customized for a “perfect fit.”

The choice of blade thickness and tip will be determined by the anilox configuration, which is driven by the viscosity and solid load of the coating. Typically, higher line screens and lower cell volumes will require a smaller MicroTip (an M10 or M15 for dull/satin/gloss coatings for example). But, as line screens decline and volumes increase, a MicroTip providing a larger contact area (M15 or M25) will perform better. By selecting the appropriate MicroTip for a particular application, printers are able to achieve longer blade life than with steel blades.

Haven't experienced the difference of a Polymer blade? We can provide samples and an easy, efficient & informative experience!


Which blade is right for you?

To help find the right product in our portfolio we’ve created a rating system (1-5) for different performance characteristics including stiffness, creep, metering, and wear.

Check out the specs to make the best decision for your application:

TruPoint Doctor Blades - Flexo Concepts



Canflexographics is very proud to be Flexo Concepts partner for sales within Canada.

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