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Unwrap the Future of Flexible Packaging with BOBST!

The team at Canflexo is excited to invite you to our partner BOBST’s Open House on October 26th.

We look forward to providing our clients with a unique experience as we share our newest technologies on site!

If you have questions or are considering the trip, we would be happy to help coordinate to ensure you maximize your time in Bielefeld Germany!


  • The market demand for more paper packaging and the use of water-based inks for CI Flexo printing are growing trends for flexible packaging’s sustainability.

  • Flexo converters need the capabilities to efficiently print high quality paper-based packaging to remain competitive while meeting the changing demands of brand owners.

  • At the fall Open House, you will experience BOBST’s equipment and process expertise in handling the combined technical complexities of new emerging sustainable applications with paper-based substrates and water-based inks.

The BOBST Line of CI Flexo Printing Presses – Review & Compare: CI Flexo printing - CI flexo printing presses | BOBST

More information on the BOBST CI Printing Process visit:

Let us know what questions you may have!


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