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The Pack Heavy Podcast Featuring Canflexographics President Kelly Roberts

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Over the past year and a half, the flexible packaging market has seen significant growth.

In this, the 59th episode of The Pack Heavy Podcast, our President, Kelly Roberts discusses why we are seeing this growth in flexible packaging, along with print technology advancements and trends in Canada for 2022.

Tune in for an informative discussion with Hayden Thomson!

Available on Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Podcasts. #flexiblepackaging #localtrends #printing #printingindustry #manufacturing #marketresearch #trends

The Pack Heavy Podcast is dedicated to the flexible packaging market within the food manufacturing and hospitality industries. Created and Hosted by Hayden Thomson, the Pack Heavy Podcast features interviews with guests who have travelled the printing path and who share their successes and failures and engage in the mindset required to go all in on your vision. If you’re ready to Pack Heavy on your vision – you’re in the right place! Enjoy Episode 59, and we look forward to being involved with future engaging episodes! Listen to the Podcast Here:


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