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Is it too early to plan for SPRING CLEANING?! ✨

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Manual vs. Automated Plate Cleaning

Is it too early to plan for SPRING CLEANING?! ✨ In our industry cleaning and care of our equipment is critical to printing success and is not just a "seasonal process"! With this in mind, what are your thoughts around Manual vs Automated Cleaning processes? Flexo Wash US shares Pros and Cons for cleaning our Plates as well as our Anilox Rolls in the links below:

Plate Cleaning PROS & CONS Link: Anilox Cleaning PROS & CONS Link:

Kelly Roberts, Pascal Ross & Christine Roberts have additional resources, ROI stats and information on the process of cleaning! Our products will extend the life of your anilox rolls and sleeves, gravure cylinders, flexo plates, flexo plate sleeves, press parts and rotary screens, while decreasing the make-ready down time between job runs!

Clean is clean - you decide how!


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