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With Appreciation for ICI

Hosting an event with international partners, shipping equipment across the globe, and depending on an “on site host” to ensure your vision and plan comes together seamlessly – while in a completely different province, takes some talented coordination and efforts that go above and beyond.

Last week we held the Mark Andy “Digital Pro Days”, a 2 day event in Montreal. Canflexo is incredibly fortunate to be working closely with an excellent team and partner Mark Andy, and our on-site team and friends at Institut des communications graphiques et de l'imprimabilité (ICI).

Hélène Pageau Directrice marketing, conférences et événements at ICI, takes care of every detail. If you consider an event in the Montreal area, we highly recommend Mark Andy and Canflexo support ICI throughout the year, as they work to support and educate the printing industry in Quebec and through the ASSOCIATION TECHNIQUE DES FLEXOGRAPHES ET FABRICANTS D'EMBALLAGES DU QUÉBEC (ATFFEQ) They coordinate and execute industry led events, seminars and awards such as the annual Gutenberg Gala Awards event,

We appreciate everything you do for our industry! Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien et votre assistance!


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