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Thank-you Mark Cisternino, President of the FTA on Your Retirement

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Upon hearing of Mark Cisternino’s pending retirement from the Flexographic Technical Association, we at Canflexographics cannot help but reflect on the exciting technological changes and progression our industry has experienced during his tenure. Mark, you have ensured our industry and the FTA has maintained a high level of professionalism and certification to mirror these advancements.

Our industry is respected as a career of choice with arms reaching around the globe. Canflexographics is a very proud member and has taken full advantage of being involved in all aspects of the Association, from the Board of Directors, chairing on specialized committees, having team members graduate as certified FIRST Specialists, not to mention our past President, Mr. Dave Horsman being elected to the Hall of Fame back in 2001.

We will continue to promote the Association’s values and standards to the Flexographic and printing industries here in Canada and please know your hard work and dedication will continue through each of your members, industry committees and companies for many years to come.

Enjoy your final year Mark, the Canadian print market appreciates you and congratulates you on a job well done!

With high regards,

Kelly Roberts, Christine Roberts, and Pascal Ross


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