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Notes like this certainly turn the Winter Blahs 🌨 into RAH'S 🌞

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Sharing our appreciation for the work and effort of the Canadian Print Scholarships association! Canflexographics takes great pride in supporting this association and the CPISTF award recipients. Below is a thank-you we received from a recent award recipient from the Graphic Communications Management (GCM) program at Toronto Metropolitan University. ____________________________________________________________________ Dear Kelly Roberts, Christine Roberts and Pascal Ross, My name is Breanna L. and I am a CPISTF scholarship recipient attending the Graphic Communications Management program at Toronto Metropolitan University (previously named Ryerson University). I would like to extend a sincere thank you for your contributions to the scholarship trust fund. As a student receiving this award, your contribution has given me the unique opportunity to showcase my work ethic and commitment to my studies while also meeting other dedicated students making their mark in the industry. This award has also allowed me to connect with industry professionals and has provided me with a great amount of exposure. Without this award I wouldn’t be able to form these crucial relationships that motivate me to continue with my studies and my personal journey within the printing industry. Your unconditional support means so much to me, thank you. With immense appreciation, Breanna L. ______________________________________________________________________ It was so nice to receive Breanna's message! Our team at Canflexographics feels it is important to give back to the industry which has provided a wonderful career for our team – and our families. The connections and community of “printing” is vast and incredibly rewarding. Interested in joining our team in making a difference? Please reach out to Ken Freek or our office for more information on how to assist students like Breanna in Canada!


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