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Heaford Agent Spotlight on Canflexographics

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Agent Spotlight

Celebrating 27 Successful Years with Canflexographics

Heaford is proud to be celebrating 27 years of partnership with Canflexographics!

When President, Kelly Roberts began his career with Canflexographics in 2001, he was introduced to Heaford’s proofing & mounting technology and prepress solutions. He and his team continue to proudly represent Heaford within the Canadian Flexographic printing market.

It was a fantastic business decision made 27 years ago for both companies and this success is evident with over 200 Heaford proofing and mounting machines sold and performing with great efficiency throughout Canada to date!

Kelly Roberts, President, Canflexographics commented: “The relationship we’ve built over the years is one of mutual respect and confidence – in the technology, the equipment, the strong support and the future of our industry.

Heaford is a company who has continued to evolve, to research and develop, ensuring our clients receive the most reliable and efficient equipment and technology.”

The Canflexographics Team

Christine, Kelly & Pascal

David Muncaster, MD, Heaford was keen to add: “Canflexographics has been supporting the Canadian printing industry for over 35 years and share our commitment to ensure customers are able to make informed decisions, finding the best solution to help them meet the challenges they face. It’s always a great experience working with the Canflexo team, and I look forward to working with them for many more years!”


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