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Congratulations to Acorn Packaging!

Celebrating 50 Years as a Total Solutions Provider in the Flexible Packaging Industry! Working with Canadian companies who strive to be client centered, innovative, and globally conscious is one of the most rewarding aspects of our role at Canflexographics.  We are proud to share that Acorn Packaging has been highlighted in the most recent issue of Manufacturing in Focus. The digital edition of their magazine article can be found at: Acorn is on an exciting path of renewed development, while being viewed as a specialist in high performance packaging, serving the flexible packaging market in North America. Joseph Campbell, Chief Operating Officer & President speaks of “empowering their Team and creating passion to be the customer experience leader”. In turn, Acorn challenges us as business partners, to raise the bar significantly.  We were proud to work collaboratively with Acorn as they secured their investment of our BOBST 20Seven CI Flexible Printing Press - a key component in their overall philosophy of “putting itself at the forefront of technology”. Key highlights within the article include:

  1. Their thoughts on plastics and the flexible packaging industry,

  2. The importance of exploring packaging that can function precisely while being recyclable/biodegradable & exploring appropriate waste streams and diversion programs,

  3. Their shared goals and mission to become the best customer experience leader. Again, we extend our sincere congratulations to the entire Acorn Packaging team, and look forward to collaborating with you as you continue to evolve and lead within our industry!


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