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Celebrating Pascal Ross! 15 Years of Awesomeness!

Aujourd'hui, il y a 15 ans, c'était ma première journée de travail comme consultant pour Canflexographics. La veille, j'arrivais d'Afrique en consultation pour le démarrage d'une presse. Un séjour de 30 jours. Le temps passe vite!

Bonne journée! Today, 15 years ago was my 1st consultation day working for Canflexographics. The day before, I was just back from Africa working on a press start-up as consultant. It was a 30 Days stay. Time goes by so fast!

Pascal Ross you are an essential part of our company’s journey and success!

We are truly grateful for the dedication and passion you have shown to your clients and our partners over the past 15 years!

Thank you for being part of the Canflexo team - you set a high standard in our industry and you make us proud.

We look forward to successful times ahead!

Cheers to a wonderful friend and partner!


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