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The team at Canflexographics Ltd is proud to have had a “front seat” to experience and share the continuous innovation and advancements that our Partner Mark Andy has provided our industry throughout the past 20 years!

We send special gratitude and appreciation to the entire Mark Andy team - from Manufacturing and Client Service, thru to Marketing and Management - for the support and respect you have shown us throughout our time together! We look forward to an exciting future!

What Mark Andy means to us and our clients:

* The leading manufacturer of narrow- and mid-web printing, digital printing solutions and finishing equipment,

* Backed by the largest customer support team in the industry,

* Striving to provide products and services that help clients solve their problems, and solutions that go a step further, allowing them to excel in their day-to-day operations, ultimately increasing productivity and reaching their full potential.

* Doing what it takes to understand each customer’s unique business, the challenges they face and the pressures they feel.

Check out our new website and Mark Andy anniversary pages:


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