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Canadian converter turns to Heidelberg, Mark Andy

L&NW Staff07.08.20

Bellwyck has installed the longest Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 102 press in Canada, the company has announced. Bellwyck’s other first in Canada is the company’s acquisition of the Mark Andy Digital Series HD hybrid press. This new press provides 9-color printing, including two coating units, each fitted with flexo-kits. It also provides opportunities for luxury brands, including special effects such as glitters and color-shift coatings, as well as eco-friendly coatings to replace lamination, all in one pass. “Our company is known for our commitment to innovation, quality and customer excellence,” says John McVeigh, president, Premium and Pharma/Healthcare Packaging Solutions at Bellwyck. “We meet each client where they are, and we always strive to provide innovative options as they evolve and grow. From helping drive efficiencies and quality to eco-friendly solutions and smart packaging options, our core focus is to meet and exceed the rigorous standards of our clients while continually finding new ways to help them stand out in the marketplace.” Featuring one-pass hybrid printing with four flexo units and expanded gamut digital, this Mark Andy press has also boosted Bellwyck. The press offers unlimited colors and excellent image definition, and provides 1200 x6 00 dpi with a slew of features, including opaque white. “Mark Andy’s unique hybrid press will allow Bellwyck to provide their clients with the highest quality digital/flexo printing technology in the world,” states Clark Mansur, senior product support engineer at Mark Andy. “The machine’s revolutionary ink set allows clients to hit the most accurate special and corporate colors available. Congratulations to Bellwyck for leading the way with this first digital hybrid press in Canada.” Bellwyck’s new 9-color Heidelberg Speedmaster complements the 7-color Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 102 installed in 2019, giving Bellwyck the flexibility to meet each client’s needs. As product packaging designers have come to appreciate, both presses provide versatility and efficiency with speeds of 16,500 (SPH) and quick changeovers. The presses also feature Prinect Inpress Control for inline spectral color measurement. “I applaud Bellwyck for making such a significant investment and raising the bar for package design printing,” says Harold Hoff, vice president, sales and service at Heidelberg Canada. “Between the 7-color and 9-color Heidelberg CX 102 presses, Bellwyck will be able to offer their customers the ultimate design versatility. I look forward to seeing how far North America’s package design community can push the boundaries of what is possible and watch our Heidelberg Speedmaster presses deliver.” Article from "Label and Narrow Web Magazine".


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