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Appreciative for the work of the Canadian Print Scholarships Assoc.

The Canadian Print Scholarships Association is funded entirely by the Graphic Communications Industry. Each year, leading printers, suppliers, associations and other organizations donate to the Fund.

Donors help attract top performing students to pursue a career in print and graphic communications.

We are grateful to the team at Canflexographics for their donation and supporting us!” stated Ken Freek.

Part of our mandate at Canflexo is to give back to the industry that has provided such meaningful work, partnerships and friendships to each of our team members. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded, driven and positive individuals is at our company's core. Special congratulations to Ken Freek, the association's Executive Director who received the "Community Leader of the Year Award" this month, which recognized his meaningful contributions to the printing and graphic arts industry. We are proud to support the Canadian Print Scholarships association, the award / scholarship recipients, and our industry! Want to know more? Contact us, or visit:


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