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Xeikon is an innovator in digital-printing technology, designing, developing, and delivering web-fed digital colour presses for labels and packaging applications, document printing, as well as commercial printing. These presses utilize LED-array-based, dry-toner electrophotography, open workflow software, and application-specific toners.

All the Xeikon solutions are designed with the overarching principles of profitability, quality, flexibility and sustainability in mind. With these guiding principles and a deep, intimate knowledge of its customers, Xeikon continues to be one of the industry's leading innovators of products and solutions.

Canflexo is proud to represent the following Xeikon product lines:

  • Xeikon 3000 Series of Digital Label & Packaging Presses
  • Xeikon 8000 Series of Digital Document & Commercial Presses
  • ThermoFlexX line of Digital Platemaking Systems

Xeikon 3000 Series - Labels & Packaging Digital Presses

Digital printing opens an entire range of new business opportunities. The 3000 series of digital press solutions range from the high-efficiency, entry level 3030 model, through to the highest-performance 3500 maximum capacity device

The full power is shown when your digital equipment is neatly integrated into your business environment, therefore forming a unique solution. With Xeikon, you will find the ideal application and integration partner.

Please visit the Product Pagewhere you will find the Advantages, Technology and Specifications for each of the 3000 Series models of Digital Presses.

Xeikon 8000 Series - Document & Commercial Digital Presses

Within the document-printing market, the keys to success are quality, workflow performance, and environmental responsibility, and that is exactly what we offer. With the Xeikon 8800, Xeikon 8600, and Xeikon 8500 you have a choice of eco-friendly high-performance digital duplex presses, fully integrated digital workflows, application-tuned toners and a range of input and output accessories.

All three are web-fed presses and able to handle scalable print media widths, which allows you to produce a wide array of standard and non-standard formats and virtually unlimited image lengths. Which of the three you choose will largely depend on your productivity requirements, since they boast the same superior image quality. Our solutions fit seamlessly in any production environment, increasing your productivity. You will discover how high-quality digital colour printing can be profitable business!

Please visit the Product Page where you will find the Advantages, Technology and Specifications for each of the 8000 Series models of Digital Presses.

ThermoFlexX - Imagers for Flexographic and Letterpress Platemaking

As a complement to the Xeikon 3000 Series of digital labels and packaging presses, Xeikon offers ThermoFlexX, a new product line of reliable, high-quality digital imagers from Xeikon for flexographic platemaking.

ThermoFlexX systems provide high-resolution plate exposure including screening, colour management, as well as workflow management.

ThermoFlexX provides a range of unique benefits, including:

  • Ergonomic plate mounting
  • Hybrid drum holds plates in place by vacuum or magnetics
  • Advanced clamping design, which enables plates to be mounted directly on to the drum
  • Uniquely designed vacuum sliders offer the flexibility to use plates of any width

Please visit the Product Page where you will find more features and benefits of the ThermoFlexX line of Flexo platemaking systems.