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For more than 60 years Norcross has been providing viscosity measurement and control products. Our viscosity sensors employ the Norcross "Piston Time-of-Fall", which results in such sensitivity, that the viscosity changes between hot and cold water can be detected.

For customers requiring an in-line viscosity sensor, we offer our M51, which mounts directly into the fluid line, and can be used with either solvent or water-based applications. Our in-tank offerings include the M8BO, MXBOC and the M8B, which all can be used with any of our viscosity controllers.

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For your viscosity and pH controlling needs, we offer our VISC series, which features a PLC, touch screen, and pre-wired subpanel. The VISC can be used for both viscosity and pH control and can be utilized with up to 10 stations. Our MP2000 series offers economy and versatility with a digital display for single-station viscosity control. For a simpler approach, our SimPLEX line offers easy to use screens, and a 2 station graphical interface.

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Using decades of expertise in process measurement and control, Norcross offers prompt, knowledgeable engineering support. With our simple, sensitive, rugged, easy to clean, and repeatable viscometers, Norcross has earned a reputation for quality and service.

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