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Mark Andy is a world leader in narrow and mid-web printing technology and continues to set the industry standard with complete, innovative solutions for printers and converters, offering a full spectrum of web flexographic solutions for the tag and label industry, as well as the folding carton and flexible packaging markets. Since its establishment in 1946, Mark Andy has introduced a variety of innovative technologies to the industry including the Quick Change (QC) technology, advanced research in RFID technologies and most recently, winning the 2011 FTA Technical Innovation Award for its Performance Series press design.

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Product Overviews

Mark Andy Performance Series

Designed and engineered from extensive converter research, Performance Series has changed the way printers look at their bottom line. With a single station changeover in 30 seconds, it is the ultimate in workflow acceleration, driving higher margins and slashing waste. The Performance Series press line consists of three models ranging in capability and cost.

Mark Andy Performance Series P3 Press | Product Page

The P3 is at the introductory level. Driven by a precision engineered direct drive train, the P3 is designed specifically for conventional label production.

Mark Andy Performance Series P5 Press | Product Page

The P5 model is a servo-driven machine, providing further machine control and productivity. Almost two years since the introduction of the machine series, the P5 makes up half of total Performance Series machine sales, proving productivity and efficiency are top of converters' minds.

Mark Andy Performance Series P7 Press | Product Page

The P7 is the most advanced model of the series. With dual servo controls and a fully-automated registration system, the P7 is the flagship of narrow-web printing.

Mark Andy XP5000 | Product Page

With an advanced print platform, the XP5000 delivers high productivity and efficient changeovers with an exclusive servo design and cassette platform. Designed to accommodate technologies including UV flexo, water-based flexo, rotary screen, hot foil, cold foil and more, the Mark Andy XP5000 is flexible and productive. Custom designs and configurations are available for virtually any application.

Mark Andy 2200 | Product Page

The Mark Andy 2200 is the benchmark in printing equipment. Featuring such technologies as advanced web tension management, self-aligning cassettes and superior drying and curing systems, the Mark Andy 2200 is one of the most flexible and productive presses on the market today. From the basic 2200L model to the more advanced 2200XL and on to the 2200 Servo, this press provides maximum versatility and flexibility to support any expanding business.

QCDC Quick Change Die-Cut | Product Page

Our partner Mark Andy has launched its QCDC (quick change die-cut) converting platform.

Mark Andy describes QCDC as a new design in die-cutting technology that promises faster die set-up and changeover, as well as precision cut accuracy. They have proven that operators will be able to reduce set-up times by 60 percent thanks to QCDC’s die cassette workflow, open guarding system, simple matrix web path and superior ergonomics.

Available in a single - or dual - die station configurations, the QCDC allows for dies to be loaded, automatically registered with servo technology, and quickly running full production. Die exchange is facilitated by a quick change cart, specifically designed for the Performance Series platform. The station’s design allows for accurate loading of dies either off-line during job changeover (single die station) or in a second station while the press is running a job (dual die station), further enhancing production efficiencies for the converter.

QCDC will also aid considerably in waste savings. The system’s design offers trouble-free matrix stripping and winding to reduce web breaks, as well as enabling customers to easily strip difficult die shapes. QCDC can easily adapt older Mark Andy dies as well as most dies from other press manufacturers. The adaption design provides rigid mounting of narrower adapted dies, providing consistent die quality.

The following link outlines an interview from Labels & Labelling and Mark Andy, demonstrating its new Quick Change Die Cut (QCDC) system on its Performance Series 7 press.