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At Harper, the quality of the images you reproduce is our number one priority. Harper Corporation is the undisputed innovator in anilox roll production and restoration for the corrugated, wide web, narrow web and newspaper flexographic printing markets worldwide.

Throughout it's 40 year history, Harper Corporation has introduced a line of products and technologies that set standards for the industry. Echocel laser-engraved, ceramic anilox rolls paved the way for - up to 1200 cells per inch. This roll provided the industry with the first 60 degree hexagonal cell configuration, which today is the standard pattern for high quality flexo printing throughout the world. The consistent, repeatable cell structure of these rolls assisted printers in achieving printing clarity never before possible. It is no wonder that Harper manufactures and restores more anilox rolls than any other manufacturer in the world, in facilities that are certified ISO 9001:2000.

Today, our advanced technologies facilities operate more laser systems than any other anilox roll manufacturer in the world. With a mission that is unwavering, we continue to advance the printing capabilities of Harper degrees customers and pioneer new technology that will open new markets. As quickly as technology advances, The Harper Group of Flexo Companies will be there to pioneer yet another new development for the industry

Anilox & Coating Rolls Division:

From our Anilox Roll Division, we manufacture and restore rolls designed for better surface transfer, greater volume transfer, higher line screen precision, more consistency, faster speeds, and finest accuracy available in the market.

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HarperScientific Division:

To ensure you get the most from our products, our HarperScientific Division offers a complete line of cleaning and maintenance tools and supplies. And to protect your investment - sleeves and storage systems.

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