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Goldenrod Corporation and our Italian affiliate (Svecom) are the largest manufacturers of core holding accessories in the world. Goldenrod is based in Beacon Falls, Conneticut.

  • Multiple Bladder Air Shafts - Very Light Weight & Easy to Repair.

  • Roll Centering Shafts - Concentrically Positions Core on Shaft for Higher Machine Speeds & Improved Finished Roll Quality Product Page

  • Differential Shafts - Eliminates the Need for Spacers, Cuts Set-up Time & Employs Patented Features Making Our Model 1250 the Industry Standard - New Cam Lock Version! Slitter Drive Shafts - Cuts Set-up Time in Half for Shear Slitting Operations Product Page

  • Core Chucks - Pneumatic, Pneumo-Mechanical, Torque & Axial Expanding Lightweight Multiple Adapter Sleeves Product Page

  • Single Bladder - Pneumatic Chuck Adapter (Tire Chuck) All Sizes - 3", 6", 8", 10", 12" and up.

  • Safety Chucks - Pillow Block and Flange Mounted, Tilt Plate and Horizontal Slide Ring Models, Auto Open/Close Models, Side-lay & Skew Adjustable Models

  • Shaft Pullers & Carts - Eliminates the Need for Operators to Lift Heavy Airshafts - In Both Fixed and Movable Designs.

In addition to those items listed, Goldenrod takes pride in finding solutions to special customer requirements. We have a complete engineering staff ready to assist.